Things to Eat and Where to Eat Them

  1. Tapas in San Sebastian, Spain
  2. Find really amazing sushi in Tokyo
  3. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream in New Zealand
  4. Khinkali dumplings in Georgia
  5. Croquet Madam in France
  6. Huevos Divorciados, Mexico City
  7. Harissa in Armenia
  8. Paratha in Deli
  9. Black Forrest Cherry Torte in Germany
  10. Chimney cake in Hungary
  11. Poutine in Montreal
  12. Grilled Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima
  13. Bento box in Japan
  14. Tamales in Mexico
  15. Biang Noodles in Xian
  16. Eat a meal at the Ulo Hotel in Greenland
  17. Tlacoyo in Mexico City
  18. Goi Cuon in Vietnam
  19. Black Rice Pudding in Indonesia
  20. Flodni in Budapest’s Jewish Quarter
  21. Pavlova in Australia
  22. Kalitsounia Pastries, Easter Island
  23. Key Lime Pie in Florida
  24. Chicken Pepian in Guatemala
  25. Nasi Goreng in Bali
  26. Mochi in Japan
  27. Cous Cous in Marrakech
  28. Trdelnik in Prague
  29. Lamington in Sydney, Australia
  30. Meloui in Morocco
  31. Knish at Yonah Schimmel’s Knish Bakery in NYC
  32. Greek Salad in Athens
  33. Khachapuri in Georgia
  34. Pierogis in Krakow
  35. Baumkuchen Cake, Japan
  36. Swiss Chocolate
  37. Arancini, Sicily
  38. Elote in Mexico
  39. Dobos Torte in Budapest
  40. Tempura in Japan
  41. Cappadocian kebab, Turkey
  42. Tarta de Santiago Cakes, Santiago, Spain
  43. Banh Bao Vac, Hoi An, Vietnam
  44. Bakso soup, Indonesia
  45. Chai in India
  46. Tacos al Pastor in Mexico City
  47. Anzac biscuit, New Zealand
  48. Harira in Morocco
  49. Franceshina in Porto, Portugal
  50. Cronut in New York
  51. Cazuela de Mariscos in Chile
  52. Picnic in a Parisian park
  53. Pudim in Brazil
  54. Cuban sandwich in Miami
  55. Saltena empanada in Boliva
  56. Visit a Papabubble candy store in Japan
  57. Nasi Campur in Bali
  58. Biltong in South Africa
  59. Meat Pie in Australia
  60. Muffuletta in New Orleans
  61. Breakfast at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi
  62. Alaskan King Crab Mac and Cheese in Anchorage
  63. Pa Ambo Li (bread with olive oil) in Spain
  64. Catch and cook mud crabs in Darwin, Australia
  65. Lobster Roll in Maine
  66. Goulash in Hungary
  67. Hot Dog in Iceland
  68. Wagashi in Japan
  69. Nanaimo Bar, Vancouver Island
  70. Momo dumplings, Nepal
  71. Pap en vleis, South Africa
  72. Black risotto in Croatia
  73. Suppli in Rome
  74. Dragon Candy, Hong Kong
  75. Hot beer in Poland
  76. Tandoori Chicken, New Deli
  77. Bolognese in Bologna
  78. Crispy pancakes in the south of Vietnam
  79. Take a tapa tour of Seville
  80. Eat a Tatin at the Hotel Tatin in France
  81. Spaghetti carbonara in Rome
  82. Spaghetti alla vongole in Positano, Italy
  83. Shakshouka in Israel
  84. Po Boy in New Orleans
  85. Morning pastries in Iran
  86. Balik ekmek–a Turkish fish sandwich, Istanbul
  87. Texas Brisket in Austin, Texas
  88. Belgian Waffles on Liege Rue, Brussels
  89. Pumpkin Custards in Cambodia
  90. Insalata caprese in Capri
  91. Reindeer Stew in Finland
  92. Crepes in Paris
  93. Mulled wine at a German Christmas Market
  94. Domatokeftedes in Santorini
  95. Buffalo Mozzarella, Italy
  96. Forge for food in Uluru, Australia
  97. Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok
  98. Asado in Argentina
  99. Llapingachos  in Ecuador
  100. Find the best ramen in Tokyo
  101. Clafoutis in France
  102. Pizza in Naples, Italy
  103. Dim Sum in Hong Kong
  104. Egg Tarts in Portugal
  105. Take a cheese tour of France
  106. Lamb Tagine in Morocco
  107. Take a gelato tour of Italy
  108. Mussels in Brussels
  109. Pho in Vietnam
  110. Gyros in Athens
  111. Chocolate and Churros in Madrid
  112. Eat my way through La Boqueria in Barcelona
  113. Samosas in India
  114. Egg hoppers in Sri Lanka
  115. Seasonal fruit with chili salt dip in Vietnam
  116. Dal in India
  117. Feteer in Cairo
  118. Sourdough in San Francisco
  119. Kushari in Cairo
  120. Macaroons in Paris
  121. Langos in Budapest
  122. Buffalo wings at Anchor Bar in Anchor, New York
  123. Humita in Argentina
  124. Lobster in Maine
  125. Gado Gado in Bali
  126. Empanadas in Argentina
  127. Korvapuusti in Finland
  128. Poke bowl in Hawaii
  129. Banista in Sofia, Bulgaria
  130. Fondue in Switzerland
  131.  Beignets in New Orleans
  132. Masala dosa in India
  133. Banh mi in Ho Chi Min City
  134. Steak tartare in France