14920.“For the existential sea glass lover, beach glass is a life metaphor too. How refreshing to know that in some ways, sea glass has been on a lifecycle journey just like people experience. It originates from something that was once broken, then discarded. It tumbles and cartwheels for years, often in a briny environment, buffeted against the rocks and hard places, and is grated against the grains of time, terrain, and the ebb and flow of all that ‘life’ offers.” — Mary Beth Beuke, The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass: Finding, Collecting, Identifying, and Using the Ocean’s Most Beautiful Stones
14916. “The world of sea glass is bigger than you think. People all over the world collect it, there are dozens of websites dedicated to it, and international conventions are devoted entirely to finding and identifying it. There is something about these shards of glass and ceramic that have been tossed around by the tides that captures the imagination. Maybe it’s the way that nature takes something mundane, like a broken bottle, and turns it into something beautiful. Maybe it is the connection to the past. Maybe it’s the immediate associations sea glass brings of time by the ocean, the waves, the salty smell of brine. Whatever the reason, sea glass is a thriving and colorful subject to explore.”–C.S. Lambert, Sea Glass Hunter’s Handbook