On My Plate Photo Challenge

Hello Everyone,


I’ve had such a fun time participating in the various photo challenges of the Word Press community that I have decided to create my own! Special thanks to Cee for her advice and inspiration.


To participate, please create a ping back to the weekly post add a link to your photo post to my comments section for the day. You can also create a ping back to the daily post.


2/13/2019: Baked Goods

2/20/2019: Eggs

2/27/2019: Breakfast

3/6/2019: Lunch

3/13/2019: Dinner

3/20/2019: Snack time

3/27/2019: In my glass/mug

4/3/2019: Noodles

4/10/2019: Salty

4/17/2019: Photographer’s Choice

4/24/2019: Red Food

5/1/2019: Orange Food

5/8/2019: Yellow Food

5/15/2019: Green Food

5/22/2019: Blue Food

5/29/2019: Spicy


In order to make it simple for others to find posts, please use the tag “On My Plate” or OMP.



Thank you so much and I look forward to getting to know you all better through food.