2268. On My Plate in Seoul, South Korea



Hello Everyone,


I’ve had such a fun time participating in the various photo challenges of the Word Press community that I have decided to create my own! Special thanks to Cee for her advise and inspiration.


We will be starting off simple: show my your food on a daily basis. I’d love to see your homemade masterpieces, you simple on the go snacks, beautiful photos of fresh produce, and the works of art that you encounter in restaurants.


I will be sending out daily posts for you to participate in.


To participate, please add a link to your photo post to my comments section for the day. You can also create a ping back to the daily post.


In order to make it simple for others to find posts, please use the tag “On My Plate” or OMP.



Thank you so much and I look forward to getting to know you all better through food.




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